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Monarch Native Landscapes

Landscape Design

Turn your outdoor space into something beautiful, practical, and ecologically functional!

Monarch Native Landscapes

Conceptual Planning

Need design drawings or conceptual renderings to visualize and communicate the design? We can help with that!

Monarch Native Landscapes

Design Consulting

Not sure what to do with your outdoor space? Request a
design consultation today!

When I get better project photos, add a Carousel or slider at the top of "Featured Projects" and then for less flashy, or less photographed projects, below featured projects add a "More Projects" section with project pictures on a grid. Featured projects get their own pages

For featured project pages, might want to do Dynamic pages so that they all look the same, and it will be easier to create those pages. Need to add section headers for "Before/After" photos, and "Design Plans"

Need to add citations at the bottom of "Why Choose Natives?" page

Need to add "Links" subheader and two-column design (or 3 column?) for non-affiliated links. Add another header for in-house documents/links, one column design. For Resources Page. Maybe change name to "Resources" instead of client resources.


Design Process

Design Drawings (not "construction drawings")

Landscape Design Package

Site Elements (for existing things)

Site Features (for future things)

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