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Passionate About The Environment and Helping Others

I founded Monarch Native Landscapes as a way to facilitate the growth of a more sustainable future for property owners by designing landscapes and providing design insight to those with a desire to bring nature home. Many people turn to landscape professionals because they want to create a space to enjoy, fix a problem they may have, or improve their view of the land. However, not all landscape professionals synthesize the needs of their client with the needs of the environment around them. This is where I have placed my efforts as I believe it's the right thing to do.


Chris Hansen Monarch Native Landscapes

I grew up in Sacramento, California, and at the age of eighteen my family and I moved to a home where many hours of watching HGTV had taught me that the architectural style of the house did not match the yard. So, I started to visit plant nurseries to learn about plants and practiced gardening and design through trial and error. This new hobby I had found made me realize that working with plants as a landscape designer was what I wanted to do with my future.

I built upon this experience by gaining a formal education in Landscape Architecture at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. Even though I had lived my whole life in the Central Valley, the Central Coast is where I fell in love with the California landscape. By going into nature either on hikes in my free time or for a class, I learned about the importance of native plants and their ecological importance. Now, several years after graduating and with more than 11 years of experience as a landscape designer with practice in multiple regions across the state, I want to share my knowledge and talents as a way to help people discover the beauty in the everyday places they call home.

I am a designer and environmentalist at heart. With plants and land features as my tools for composition, my designs are both an artistic impression upon the land as well as a functional space for people and wildlife. I believe a design should best suit the environment where it is constructed, from the biological complexities of the native plants and animals to natural processes dictated by physical features.

Thanks for reading!

Chris Hansen


Chris Hansen Monarch Native Landscapes
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