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Monarch Native Landscapes was founded to help property owners discover the beauty and functionality of their outdoor space through landscape design with emphasis on local ecology. Our goal is to help people create the landscapes of their dreams and achieve their goals in a sustainable and ecologically appropriate manner.

We offer landscape design, design and construction phase consulting, and plant purchasing and coordination. We work with do-it-yourselfers and collaborate with contractors as needed. We help guide customers through rebate programs available within your locality to help complete your project within budget. Let's work together!

Chris Hansen Monarch Native Landscapes




Step 1

Get In Touch

Tell us about your project! Is there something you want to add to or change about your site? What are your initial design ideas? Is there a problem with the site that could use a design solution? The more information you include in your conversation with us, the better understanding we will have of your personal style and specific project goals.

Step 3

Landscape Design Services

To further develop the ideas discussed during the consultation and to thoroughly detail the design for installation, you will need a landscape design drawings. Design services vary in price by the size and scope of each project, though most residential design packages cost between $500 and $4000. 3D modeling is also available, to help visualize the design before going to construction.

Step 2

Schedule A Consultation

We'll meet for 1-2 hours where we'll talk more about your project. As we walk through the site, we will analyze site conditions and discuss initial design ideas, recommendations for layout, plants, materials, site furnishings, products and features, as well as the installation process and potential project costs. A consultation may be all you need to get started on your project, though you may want landscape design drawings for better direction.

Step 4

Construction Coordination

Once a design is finalized, we're happy to provide referrals to landscape contractors for the installation of your project. Whether you are doing your own installation or working with a contractor, you can benefit from our connections to local nurseries for sourcing and the delivery of plant material. Additionally, we are available at an hourly rate for an on-site meeting during the construction phase.


Below are three options to choose from for the design of your landscape. Essentially, each option builds upon the previous, with each successive option operating as the next step in the design process. If you decide at a later time that you wish to upgrade to another option, the cost of that option will be discounted by an amount already paid.

Option 1



  • One 2-hour consultation where we’ll discuss design ideas, recommendations for layout, plants, materials, site furnishings, products and other features, as well as the installation process, potential project costs, and general landscape design best practices


Option 2

Consultation And
Landscape Drawings

Consultation (see Option 1)


Landscape Design Drawings

  • A detailed landscape drawing set, which may include some or all of the following sheets:

    • Construction/layout plan

    • Demolition plan

    • Planting plan

    • Irrigation schematic

    • Lighting plan

    • Construction details

    • Plants and materials lists with quantities

  • Up to 1 round of revision.

Starting at

Option 3

Full Service
Landscape Design

Consultation (see Option 1)


Landscape Design Drawings

(see Option 2)


3D Modeled Visualizations

  • A computer-generated representation of the conceptual landscape design. Used for presenting the design as it would be constructed before moving into construction.

  • Up to 2 rounds of revision.

Starting at

Plant ordering/nursery coordination (through

Devil Mountain Wholesale Nursery or Green Acres.........................


Construction phase observation and consulting,
including plant placement...........................................................................................


General design or drafting services, including additional rounds

of design revision beyond the initial 2........................................................

10% of order



Additional Services


"Chris's concept design has been absolutely instrumental in helping us with our decisions. We can't thank him enough for the vision. He was really amazing to work with."

- Leslie & Larry W.

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