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How An Idea Becomes A Project

Part 1

Initial Correspondence

During our first few conversations, my design brain begins to turn as I imagine creative design solutions for your unique project.

MNL Correspondence

Part 2

The Consultation

We'll talk about design ideas as we meet at your project site. These ideas continue to develop over time during an agreement for design services. 

MNL Handshake
MNL Design Process

Part 3

Base Map, Site Inventory & Analysis
Base Map, Site Inventory & Analysis

The first step in the design process is to prepare a base map, or a to-scale drawing of the project site. This base map includes an inventory of all existing site elements, including utilities, trees and large shrubs, existing hardscaping, permanent fixtures, project boundaries, dimensions, and directional orientation. With this display of site inventory mapped out, an analysis of the site and its inventory can be written down, noting any relevant information that was discussed or discovered during the consultation. This includes condition of existing site elements, how the site is used, if there are any ideal locations for future design features, and if any uncontrollable items influence the project site (such as sunlight, wind or drainage patterns, views of and away from the site, adjacent land uses, etc.)

Analyzing the site, taking inventory of existing elements, and measuring the site to prepare a base map are all things done during the consultation. However, for larger or more complex sites, a surveying company may need to be brought onto the project.

MNL Conceptual Layout

Part 4

Conceptual Layout
Conceptual Layout

Next, I use the base map to create a conceptual layout of the things discussed during the consultation in locations determined by my analysis of the site. Frequently, some features that the client wants within a design have a positive correlation to each other, so those items should be grouped together if possible. The opposite is true for features that have a negative correlation to each other--those features should be placed away from each other. Once a diagram is created to display the location of design features, they are connected to show where movement throughout the site should take place.

Part 5

Plant And Material Samples
Plant And Material Samples

To show examples of the plants and materials that I suggest throughout the design process, I like to prepare a photo collage for my clients to consider and provide feedback. Usually, some plant or material suggestions are changed to something more preferable to the client, or based on availability of the product.

Part 6

Landscape Design Package
Pocket 1
Pocket 2
Pocket 3
Pocket 4
Pocket 5
Valley Springs Cover
Design Drawings


Finally, after continued discussion with the client throughout the design process, final design drawings are prepared for the installation of the project.

MNL Drafting
3D Visualizations


3D visualizations can be prepared as an additional way to communicate the design, for clients to review the final product before considering construction.

MNL 3D Design

Part 7

The end!

My design process ends when final design drawings have been provided. However, there may occasionally be an unforeseen scenario that requires my continued design input during or after the construction phase. If necessary, I am available at an hourly rate for an on-site meeting in such case.

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